World Kitchen

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Here you’ll find recipes organized by the country that inspired each dish. The first place I travelled in My World Kitchen was East Africa, with my beautiful neighbour Alnaar, who taught me many incredible traditional East African / Indian family recipes.

I plan to now travel to different countries in My World Kitchen and add at least one new recipe per week. With the help of the TurmericMeCrazy community, I hope to fill this site with beloved recipes from all over the world! Where should we travel to next in our World Kitchens?

Why a World Kitchen?

My family and I have always treasured travelling the world and love to eat unique foods from different cultures! Especially with our loved ones. Experiencing other cultures first hand has given us the gift of respect for differences. It has helped us cultivate open mindedness, understanding, curiosity and ultimately love for others.

Learning to cook meals from different cultures around the world together has helped create a sense of wonder in our children. At the dinner table, we talk about how people live differently all over the world. Our children ask questions, some we can answer, some we need to investigate together to discover. We can chat about current events and educate both ourselves and our children! It has helped us create dialogue within our families about cultural differences and similarities and how every human being deserves love and respect no matter what their cultural background.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey where we will travel around the world without leaving our kitchens!

Hugs from Trish