About Me!

Hi there! I’m Trish. Welcome to my world kitchen! I am a home based chef with a passion for sharing healthy tasty international foods free from additives, gluten, corn and eggs with soy & nut free options.

Why a gluten, egg, corn & additive free diet?

I have been diagnosed by my allergist with a genetic condition where my macrophages (the cells that identify foreign bodies) have very small or irregular shaped receptors. This means that foods with large aggregate proteins (proteins that stick together), like wheat, corn and eggs are identified as foreign in my body. This results in gastrointestinal (e.g. stomach cramps), neurological (e.g. pain, mood swings, fatigue etc.) and skin issues (unexplainable rashes, hives, acne etc). I have suffered with these issues for my whole life and often felt alone in the struggle. It took completely revamping my diet in order for me to feel healthy, energetic and free to live my life to the fullest. The most incredible thing is, this diagnosis is seen as a superior immune system by my allergist! When my allergist said this, I said “What? I have always thought of my food intolerances as a disease.” He informed me that, in fact, because of the smaller size of my macrophage receptors, my body can identify more foreign bodies like viruses and bacteria. Living during a pandemic certainly made me change my perspective once I heard this!

I believe that our mindset directly affects our health. Changing my perspective on my dietary restrictions and choosing to view my diet as my choice and my “issues” as my “strength” has greatly and positively affected my mental state and I believe my health. I have since discovered that my daughter and possibly my son have these same abilities and hence have changed the entire families diet.

I sincerely hope that sharing my journey and recipes on this blog will bring together others like me, and give you the support you need to make the change to a healthier you! You are not alone!

My life

I live in Calgary, AB, Canada only 40′ drive from the stunning rocky mountains. Lucky girl right? I am a mom and wife to a wonderful loving family! My husband, Mike, is an incredibly supportive, loving man whom I adore. I have two sweet, kind, joyful children that teach me about love each day. Like I said, lucky! I feel deeply grateful and blessed for the love of my family.

I am educated in health care as a physical therapist with a focus on natural healing modalities. I have always believed that all humans have an innate power within them to heal and believe in feeding the body, mind and soul whole foods to nourish us from the inside out.

Why Turmeric Me Crazy?

I’m also a momma who’s families food sensitivities and intolerances were driving me crazy! We love to eat foods from all over the world, but found that almost every recipe we encountered included foods that wouldn’t work for our families dietary restrictions. It was enough TURMERIC ME CRAZY! Right? I was creating and altering recipes on the daily! I found myself chatting almost daily with my incredible neighbour, Alnaar, about our dietary restrictions and sharing ideas and recipes that we and all of our children could enjoy. We also found ourselves sharing our experiences with our children’s mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, hives, gastrointestinal upsets, food intolerances you name it! The daily struggles were also enough TURMERIC ME CRAZY! We both independently noticed a link between what we and our children ate the day before, and how our mental and physical health seemed the next day! There were just to many joint experiences for us to ignore! We were onto something! After all, the saying “you are what you eat” has been around for a very long time. Perhaps there is some merit to it?

How did I figure it out?

With the help of many medical doctors, a fabulous allergist, naturopathic doctors, and other health practitioners, we independently narrowed down some common foods that were creating issues for ourselves and our children. Again noticing a LOT of commonalities. We can’t be the only ones to be experiencing this right? We immediately eliminated these foods from our diets, and began to chat with our families about how foods can affect our state of mind. Within one day, we noticed HUGE positive improvements in both our family members mental states and physical ailments! Now that was incredible! All of this suffering can be drastically changed by this one simple commitment to clean eating! WOW! TURMERIC ME CRAZY no more!

So I decided to embark on this journey, where we will travel around the world without leaving our kitchen! We have committed to a gluten free, corn free, egg free, additive free diet! In addition, we will have nut free and dairy free alternatives to many of our recipes.

Why foods around the world you say?

My family and I have always loved to travel the world and love to eat unique foods from different cultures! Especially with our loved ones. Experiencing other cultures first hand has given us the gift of respect for differences. It has helped us cultivate open mindedness, understanding, curiosity and ultimately love for others. Learning to cook meals from different cultures around the world together has helped create a sense of wonder in our children. At the dinner table, we talk about how people live differently all over the world. Our children ask questions, some we can answer, some we need to investigate together to discover. We can chat about current events and educate both ourselves and our children! It has helped us create dialogue within our families about cultural differences and similarities and how every human being deserves love and respect no matter what their cultural background.

My husband and I feel it’s important to expose children to different spices and flavours at a young age and expose their palates to all that the world has to offer!  By slowly exposing our children to new flavours with foods from different cultures and incorporating new spices into their repertoire, they are learning to enjoy all sorts of different flavours.

How do I get my kids to eat what I cook?

People often say “how do you get your kids to eat that?” My answer is, slowly over time. We are slowly exposing our children to new flavours with foods from different cultures and slowly incorporating new spices into their repertoire and it’s working! At first, we had to sneak the foods in, you know, like blending veggies into the spaghetti sauce, that kind of thing! But as their palates are getting used to the different flavours, they are more likely to try and actually enjoy the new foods. We also made the 13 times rule. You have to try something 13 times before you can say you truly don’t like it!

My Mission – what you’ll find on this site

My love of cooking, travel and photography have now come together in my blog! Together, we will travel the world through food and healthy, clean eating free from additives we can’t pronounce! I hope that others with similar diagnoses, can find their journey made a little easier with a one stop place to find recipes that they can enjoy and not have to alter!

My mission is to create a spot where families with dietary restrictions can find whole food, wholesome recipes from all over the world. With tasty treats and savoury meals to fuel the soul! I hope to help others like me to truly fuel your bodies with food you enjoy and stop feeling like you are having to deprive yourself of foods you love. I hope to continually connect with inspiring chefs who share my common goal of clean eating with cultural diversity! My recipes will ALL be gluten, egg and corn free as well as free from additives. I will attempt to give nut free and dairy free alternatives in any recipes that call for nuts or dairy.

Thanks so much for visiting my world kitchen!

Come and bake your way around the world with us!

From my family to yours, we sincerely wish you a healthy journey.

Hugs from Trish


This blog is dedicated to my beautiful neighbour, Alnaar, who created this blog years ago. Alnaar told me that she just knew I was meant to take it over. She is a true gift in her presence alone. Alnaar, thank you ever so much for this gift. I promise to continue to create and build this blog in the spirit of loving kindness as you have so beautifully done.

My beautiful neighbour and close friend Alnaar and I.