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DIY Gluten Free Flours

Here you’ll find all sorts of DIY gluten free flours to meet your families specific dietary needs! From How to make individual gluten free flours to gluten free flour blends we’ve got ideas to suit everyone!

Trish's Favourites

DIY Gluten Free Flours – Sweet Rice Flour

Easily make your own Gluten Free Flours like this Sweet Rice Flour! I’ve tested 3 different methods of making your own sweet rice flour at home and am sharing the absolute BEST and easiest way to make it! Simply grab some sweet rice aka glutinous rice and a high speed blender, follow-along with me and you’ll be ready to use the power of sweet rice flour!

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Most popular DIY Gluten Free Flour recipes

All DIY gluten free flours & blends

My journey to gluten free

If you’re like me, cutting gluten out of your diet made a HUGE impact on your life! At first I thought I could eat gluten as long as the proteins were broken down, such as in a properly made sourdough loaf that has been fermented with a starter). Sadly, it turns out I can’t process the gluten at all. It has been a long journey, but now I feel totally fine without the gluten!

My Journey to Gluten-Free

It took me years to figure out that gluten, even fermented sourdough, was making me sick! Cutting out my delicious homemade sourdough made with Bob – my precious starter (yes I named by starter Bob…haha) was so incredibly difficult. I LOVED my sourdough bread. I loved it more than Cobs bread, more than chocolate even! Anyone who knows me knows thats a BIG deal! I ADORE chocolate! So, needless to say, it was HARD! But with time I noticed how much healthier I felt and looked. Gluten was just one of the foods I cut out of my diet for good and I am now healthier and happier than I’ve been in years! Maybe ever!

I tell you this because I know how hard it can be to make the change to Gluten-Free. I hope that with my help and the support of this TurmericMeCrazy community, you can make a change for the better too!

How to feed your superpower and avoid feeling deprived!

I make the choice each day to have a positive mindset that supports my super powers rather than feel like I am depriving myself. I’ve worked hard to create recipes for all of my favourite things to eat so I feel satisfied. Instead of feeling like you can’t eat certain things, try to think of it as choosing the foods that allow your body to work optimally.

I’m continually altering and creating recipes for all of my favourite things to eat. I want to feel satisfied when I eat! You too right? So, here in this section, I’m sharing with you recipes that will fuel your superpowers and make the change to gluten free a little easier!

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