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Holiday gift ideas from my favourite kitchen things!

My Favourite Kitchen Things - 2024

Find the best tools for your kitchen or gift for your baker or family chef with all of my favourite kitchen things for 2024!

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Don’t let finding the perfect kitchen tools or gift be enough “Turmeric” YOU Crazy! My favourite kitchen things list is here! I’ve compiled a list of some of my absolute favourite kitchen things to get you & your loved ones excited about cooking & / baking again, no matter what your families dietary needs! All the best ideas & kitchen tools for the foodies, home cooks or entertainers in your life! In this kitchen & home gift guide you’ll find carefully hand-selected items that I use in my kitchen & I think that everyone will cherish! Including you if you’ll be the on the receiving end of the food your loved one will create! I hope that this guide will make finding the perfect kitchen tools a breeze!♥︎ 

Kitchen Tools for...

My Favourite Kitchen Things

for the sourdough lover & BAKER


Truly my favourite small kitchen appliance! Any baker or home chef on your list would LOVE a stand mixer for their kitchen.

perfectly baked bread

Sourdough bakers in the house? Or someone who wants to learn? The perfect addition to a sourdough bakers kitchen!

proofing basket

Perfect for the sourdough baker in the family! This proofing basket is used to proof (rise) bread loaves to give them the perfect shape!

used to score bread

Perfectly score bread loaves prior to baking to get the perfect oven spring (rise in the oven)! Also use it to create beautiful designs on bread loaves for an artisan style!

for use with dutch oven

I seriously ♥︎ this bread sling! It’s one of those things that you didn’t know you needed with bread baking until you have it! Eliminate parchment paper usage with this re-useable sling. It’s SO easy to gently place your precious sourdough loaf into the dutch oven.

Super simple but effective

Everyone can use an inexpensive kitchen scale in the kitchen! To get the best results while cooking & baking I highly recommend having a simple kitchen scale! The perfect gift for a beginner baker.

bake pizza in oven or bbq

I ♥︎ baking pizza on a ceramic pizza stone! The crust comes out perfectly crispy on the outside every single time. In nice weather you can even put it on your grill! 

for pizza & bread baking

Have a pizza lover on your list? There’s truly nothing like a homemade pizza crust hot out of the oven! This pizza peel makes homemade pizza that much easier!

for the kitchen

roasts, broils & dehydrates

I am a HUGE fan of this Ninja Air Fryer! I can’t wait to share some of the air fryer recipes I’ve been making this year. It cooks food faster, with less oil & creates the most incredibly crispy & delicious finishes! You’ll love it! It’s worth the storage space!

the best blender i've ever owned

If you have yet to try out a Vitamix blender then you may be like I was & wonder what is all the hype about? Can it really be that much better? Yes, it can! I am a true convert now. Vitamix blenders not only blend smoothies but can grind gluten free flours into the most beautifully fine powder! They really are the best of the best in the blender world!

makes the best espresso

Have a coffee lover on your list? This espresso machine is amazing and makes European quality espresso drinks! I have to admit I am self proclaimed coffee snob. I only drink what my hubby calls “fancy coffees” like the kind you’d get at a local espresso bar in Europe. If you’re like me, or even if not, you’ll love the quality of coffee this machine brews!

9 in 1 electric pressure cooker

I am in ♥︎ with my Instant Pot! It’s one of those small kitchen appliances that I just can’t live without. It makes cooking so much faster & easier in 1 pot! I can sauté, then pressure cook, then keep my meal warm until meal time.

by breville

We have had this milk frother for almost 10 years now! It has been used daily to make my morning matcha latte & is still going very strong! If someone on your list loves a nice foam on their latte or has a smaller kitchen, this is the milk frother for them! 

quick & easy

A great tool for those quick & dirty jobs! I love how quick and easy this hand held blender is to use & clean!

smart meat thermometer

We’ve been using a Meater for about 3 or 4 years now and I don’t know what I would do without it! It makes cooking meat, fish & poultry to perfection an absolute breeze! Never over or undercook meat again! Perfect for the BBQ or meat lover on your list!

makes working with dough easy

Easily scrape dough off countertops without sticking, cut dough and shape a loaf with ease with a good quality bench scraper.

End grain for durability

If you’ve followed my videos you’ve probably seen my gorgeous end grain walnut & maple cutting boards. I am in love with them! If you are a DIY person, in the new year we will show you how to “Turmeric It Yourself” in our woodshop. If you’re not into buidling but still love our cutting boards, this wooden cutting board is made from end grain walnut making it very durable & gorgeous!

extra set of hands

I think this wooden recipe stand is so gorgeous! It would be a lovely addition to a counter top to serve as a holder for not only cookbooks but iPads, so you can follow along with my recipes easily! Stay tuned as we are going to show you how “Turmeric” It Yourself in the new year!

kitchen basics

This silicone utensil set has everything anyone needs to update kitchenware! I like to use silicone utensils as they are super easy to clean & won’t scratch pots or pans.

a must have tool

Everyone can use a pair of good quality kitchen sheers that not only cut meat but also veggies too! These come apart ones are one of my favourites in my kitchen!


Happy gut

Brew healthy & delicious probiotic rich water kefir with this starter kit! Everything needed to make water kefir at home.

let water rest

Making a sourdough starter or water kefir? You’ll need either filtered water or have water sitting out on the counter for at least 24 hours. I use a large glass jar like this one & it works like a charm!


If you or someone you love wants to make a sourdough starter either gluten free or wheat, then these tall, wide mouthed jars are the perfect vessel! I also use these jars for storage in my pantry, for my water kefir grains, for summertime frappes & even as glasses to drink from! 


Everyone needs a set of funnels but just doesn’t know it yet! A perfect little stocking stuffer for that chef on your list.

Small kitchen tools & gadgets

a salad lovers dream

Got a salad lover on your list? This tool will be their new favourite! It makes the work of chopping a salad almost non-existant!

zest lemon / lime, grate garlic, cheese & more!

This stainless steel rasp gets used literally EVERYDAY in our kitchen! It is fabulous to grate garlic cloves, ginger, nutmeg, or nubs of cheese or chocolate into tiny shavings. Zest lemons or limes with it too. 


Tired of buying new water bottles every year for your kiddos or even yourself? My kids & I have dropped ours hundred of times and they still look like new! It is worth the cost for a water bottle that you’ll only have to buy once. Best part is your water will stay the temperature you want it to for as long as you need it to!

Keep drinks hot / cold

I have had my Yeti Rambler for so long it seems like I’ve always owned it! It honestly keeps my drinks hot or cold for SO long! I am also clumsy & drop my waters a lot! Every other travel cup I owned dented was ruined after a few drops, not my Yeti! Its still in perfect condition years later! The perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Best i've ever used

Everyone can use a lemon / lime juicer! This is the last one you’ll ever have to buy. 

a must have tool

My Mom has had one of these since I was a a little girl and for good reason. It is truly the BEST way to grate cheese. Perfect for the cheese lover on your list!

kitchen basics

Whether someone on your list is just starting out or has a kitchen full of goodies, a good set of wooden spoons is a basic essential!

ergonomic yet small

I love that this pizza cutter is compact & has a cover over the blade! Got kids in the house? This pizza cutter is much when stored.

for kids ...but also good for adults!


Silicone baking cups are re-useable meaning less waste! A perfect little stocking stuffer for that chef on your list.

Labelling & organizing

If someone on your list loves to organize or is making a sourdough starter, these are great stocking stuffers! Kids love them too to create art or even do math homework on the windows (like my daughter).

kids in the kitchen

I believe that children should help in the kitchen as young as possible! This way they learn to not only cook & contribute to the family, but also to have a healthy relationship with food! These knives are the perfect start for the budding young chef on your list!

get the kids involved

These cute matching aprons are perfect for a mother-daughter pair on your list!

Happy Holiday Baking and Cooking from my family to yours ♥︎

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