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Baking Recipes

Here you’ll find all sorts of quick & easy but still incredible delicious, family friendly, international recipes to meet your families specific dietary needs! From breakfast all the way through dinner, we’ve got ideas to suit everyone that won’t take the whole day to prepare!

Trish's Favourites

Trish's Favourites

Gluten Free Sourdough 101

(from starter to bakes)

Do you want to get started making the BEST gluten free sourdough bread but you’re afraid its too hard, not realistic or even possible?

Here I have a comprehensive set of recipes & guides to get you started! From how to make a gluten-free sourdough starter from scratch with my easy to follow daily video guide, to making a delicious & gorgeous artisan sourdough loaf, to gluten free sourdough pizza, muffins & more! I’ve even included a guide on how to maintain your sourdough starter & what to do with your discard (although you won’t have much if you follow my guide)!

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