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Summertime Recipes

Here you’ll find all fresh, delicious recipes to keep you cool & help you enjoy the summer time heat! ! From breakfast, to cooling drinks, all the way through dinner, we’ve got ideas to suit everyone that won’t take the whole day to prepare so you can enjoy the gorgeous summertime weather!

Trish's Favourites

The BEST Summertime Frappés for the Whole Family

Keep your family cool this summer with our Family of Summertime Frappés! These tasty treats are the perfect way to kick off the summer and there’s a flavour to delight everyone in the family! Make these with coffee or without for a refreshing summer treat that is additive, xanthan gum & processed sugar free! Faster than you can drive to Starbucks, you’ll have made an incredible Frappé treat to delight your taste buds!
See post for all the other delicious flavours!

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