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Gluten Free Bread

Enjoy these easy & delicious gluten free bagels with your Sunday morning latte! The best part is you absolutely can not tell they are gluten free. I promise! They are free from xanthan gum, guar gum & commercial yeast! These tasty bagels are traditional Canadian Montreal style, slightly sweeter (they are boiled in water sweetened with Canadian maple syrup or honey) and a little smaller smaller than New York style bagels. They are slightly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. These gluten free bakes are incredibly tasty with the perfect chewiness you've come to expect from a high quality bagel! If you're gluten free, dairy free, or vegan and miss eating bagels, you're going to love this recipe! Sourdough bagel recipe, gluten free sourdough bagels, gluten free vegan sourdough bagels, gluten free vegan, gluten free bagel recipe, gluten free bagels

Sunday Morning Gluten Free Sourdough Bagels

These splendid Gluten Free Sourdough Bagels are also vegan and packed with yummy goodness! They are made with whole grain gluten-free flours & freeze beautifully! Enjoy incredibly delicious vegan…