How to make ANY BAKING Recipe Gluten-Free in 3! (Cheat Sheet #1)

Make almost ANY BAKING recipe Gluten-Free in 3-Simple Steps!
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How To Gluten-Free Series: Cheat Sheet #1

When you’re first starting out eating Gluten-Free, it can be SO overwhelming! If this is you now, I feel your pain. It will get easier, I promise. In no time, you’ll be converting your all time favourite meals and family recipes to Gluten-Free in a breeze! In this post I’ve created a “cheat sheet” for How to make almost ANY Recipe Gluten-Free in 3-Simple Steps! Use this as a guideline when you’re converting a BAKING recipe. I sure hope it helps you to feed your body, mind and spirit the foods that you love again!

Be sure to pop by tomorrow to check out my Cheat Sheet for How to make ANY Savoury Recipe to Gluten-Free in 1-Step!

I’ve included a black and white printable version if you’d like to print this out for your reference! Simply click the Print Recipe button above. I hope this Gluten-Free in 3 Cheat Sheet helps you enjoy all of your favourite recipes whether or not they contain gluten!

Make almost ANY BAKING recipe Gluten-Free in 3-Simple Steps!


I sincerely hope that this post helps you on your journey to Gluten-Free eating! I struggled for many years feeling like I was depriving myself of the foods I loved. Now, I feel satisfied and happy to be Gluten-Free as well as Corn & Egg-Free too! I hope that this How To Gluten-Free Series will help you feel you can feed yourself all of the foods you once loved. If you have any questions or would like to share a recipe you’ve converted with this guide, please contact me! If you’ve found this post helpful, I’d be SO grateful if you could Rate it and Comment below. Thanks a million.

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Make almost ANY BAKING recipe Gluten-Free in 3-Simple Steps!
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How to Gluten-Free Series: Cheat Sheet to alter ANY BAKING Recipe to Gluten-Free

Please use this Cheat Sheet to help guide you when altering any BAKING recipe to Gluten-Free.
Course: baking
Cuisine: ANY
Diet: Gluten Free
Keyword: Gluten-Free, Gluten-Free Substitute, How To Gluten-Free Series, How to make a recipe Gluten-Free
Author: Trish



  • Change flour amount from VOLUME to WEIGHT.
  • CALCULATE weights of Gluten-Free Flour & Starches then sift together with a BINDER.
  • Add KEY Ingredients as needed.

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